Master the art of breading food!

Calling all fried food fans: what’s better than those crispy breaded appetizers or meats that shatter when you bite into them? Whether you’re a fan of chicken, meats and seafood, or even if you’re on the vegetarian side, you must agree that this thin crust can make the most boring foods taste amazing.

Breading is a very common technique used in various cuisines, but a lot of people still end up with bland, soggy and unevenly coated foods. Follow our tips to get a crunchy texture and a delicious flavor every time!

 The traditional approach

If you’re preparing meats, always make sure to trim the excess fat from your cuts.

Before starting with the breading process, you should generously season your food. There’s nothing more disappointing than under-seasoned Master the art of breading food! or onion rings.

To get that crunchy texture that everybody is fond of, you should coat your food in 3 ingredients: flour, eggs and American Garden Breadcrumbs.

Always start with the flour to absorb the liquids on the surface. You can replace flour with potato starch or corn flour.

You can then dip your foods in the beaten eggs that will help the third layer – the breadcrumbs – to adhere. Press the foods firmly into the crumbs with your hands. If your eggs are thick, consider thinning them with some water or milk.

To make sure that the breaded crust won’t fall off when frying, dip again in eggs and coat with a second layer of breadcrumbs. You are now ready to start cooking!

 The eggless breading

For those suffering from eggs intolerance, or if you simply run out of eggs, you can still enjoy breaded foods.

Substitute the eggs with yogurt, mayonnaise or mustard. These work as great binder for the breadcrumbs – not as good as an egg though – and they also enhance the taste of your food.

 Flavored breadcrumbs

While plain breadcrumbs work just fine with any recipe, American Garden also offers different flavored breadcrumbs that will upgrade the flavor of your breaded food: Master the art of breading food! or Master the art of breading food!, our range can please everyone.

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